Zoom Doggie Daycare

One Full Day   4 Hours or more       1 Dog $22               2 Dogs $40              3 Dogs $58

One ½ Day       4 Hours or Less         1 Dog $12               2 Dogs $22               3 Dogs $32

 Discounted Packages Available

#Pets         Full Day   4 +hours           5 Day                10 Day               20 day
  1                                 $22                           $105                    $205                 $400

  2                                 $40                           $195                    $385                 $760

  3                                 $58                           $280                    $555              $ 1110

  Each additional $18 per day                       **Other Discounts not valid with package discounts

#Pets             ½ Day > 4 hours                   5 Day                    10 Day                20 day

​     1                               $12                              $57.50                     $110                    $210 

     2                                $22​                             $107.50                   $210                    $410

     3                               $32                               $155                             $305                    $600                

   Each additional $10 per day                                    **Other Discounts not valid with package discounts

Both Include: Group Play and socialization in our indoor and outdoor fenced play areas for up to 10 hours per day.  Meals (owner provided) with snacks. Exercise, Playing and Ball Time and interaction from a dog loving staff.

We Make House Calls !

Some dogs are just more comfortable at home, we understand. For just $10 to $20 per visit ( depending on your radius) we will drive to your house, let Fido out and give you piece of mind. We can also pick up the newspaper, water plants, feed the fish and turn lights off or on.

Discounts and Specials

New Clients: Get the 5th day FREE when your pet stays 4 or more days. (Please mention this at check in)
10%  Discount for Seniors ( 65+ years)
10%  Military Discount
( one discount per family please)
Boarding & Daycare

Zany Dogs

Call Us !


Fax: 866-429-2848

Full Service grooming is offered by our next door neighbor. They are a very busy place so book ahead  !!   Schedule services with The Wag by calling 588-2000. Closed on weekends.

The Wag:     

Overnight Boarding

Deluxe Suites Overnight Stays:

 1 dog      $30         

 2 dogs* $57          

 3 dogs* $82         

 each additional * $25

* additional pets must be staying in the same suite and must be familiar with each other and able to be trusted to share a room, unsupervised/overnight.

 Boarding includes Zoom Doggie Daycare and Group Play.  Outdoor playtime in our fenced play area, Snack Time, Exercise, Ball Time and Late night Potty Break.

Monthly Rates ( 30 consecutive nights) Please call for discount pricing.
Ad On Services: 
Adventure Walk. Private walk on a 30 foot leash so your dog can chase squirrels and pee on trees !!
This is great for the high energy dogs. ( weather permitting)    $9
Nature Walk: A controlled walk on the winding trails getting lots of one on one time with our staff.    $9

Bathing and Nail Clipping and grinding are available while your away.  Let us know at check in if you want your pup to be smelling fresh and ready to roll upon pick up. Prices Vary but we can give you a quote.

Veterinary  ​Services

Dr. Heather Johnson is the Doctor "on call" for any type of illness or accident.  If you are already a Johnson Veterinary Care Client, and your pet needs to be updated on vaccines while your away you may schedule Dr. Johnson to administer vaccines as necessary.  Services provided are : Examinations, vaccinations, Fecal testing, micro chipping and treatment of injury or illness.  588-2600