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Attention New Customers

A completed registration and a scheduled " Meet and Greet" are needed before making a reservation. CONTACT US with any questions. A  $10 temperament test  ( proceeds go to our rescue efforts) to see if your dog is compatible with other dogs to stay and play at Zoom Doggie Daycare. Testing is by appointment only please. If your dog passes they can stay and play that day, for up to 4 hours.

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Fax: 866-429-2848

Requirements                                                       Proof of current vaccinations from a veterinarian or vaccine clinic

****   Bordetella:  due every 6 months, this will give your pet extra protection. If your pet has never had the vaccine or you have let it expire, the vaccine needs to be administered 2 weeks prior to the arrival date.  We can not be help responsible for a kennel cough outbreak. We take great care of making certain all pets are up to date on all vaccines. Bordetella vaccine is comparable to human vaccines and MAY NOT cover ALL strains of kennel cough. Please check with your vet if you have any questions.

DHLPP ( Distemper vaccine)

RabiesVaccine ( over 4 months of age)

Pet must be spayed or neutered if over the age of 6 months

You have owned your dog for at least 3 weeks

In good health and friendly with other dogs and people

Free from fleas and ticks and on current flea prevention ( flea bath provided for $15 and  WILL  be added to your account)