What should I bring?

We do provide bedding, blankets and bowls, however, feel free to bring your dogs favorite bed, toy and anything else that will make them feel more comfortable. On occasion the "Cat Burglar" appears and takes things that do not belong to him. Please do not bring anything that you can not part with as a precaution.

Always bring your pets food so we can maintain a healthy digestive system while you are away.

Always make sure your pet is wearing a nylon or leather collar. Harness's are uncomfortable to have on 24 hours a day. Dogs need their collars so the staff can guide them from one place to another.

Pick up day is FREE if picked up before 10 am.

10am to 2 pm $10 / dog (daycare fee)

 2pm to 6pm $20 / dog (daycare fee)


Picking up Your Pup

Drop Off and Pick up Times

We try to be very flexible !  Our normal business hours are 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM Monday through Friday.  If you need us earlier or are running late, please call and we will see what we can do. There may be a small fee.

Saturday: 7:30 am to 1pm  and we are happy to offer a 1/2 day of Zoom Doggie Daycare. We are also back from 4pm to 6 pm for feeding and another potty break. If your dog needs to stay after 1pm PLEASE let us know days in advance to see if we will have room. We will need a suite available for them to stay until we return.

Sundays:  YES !! Sunday drop off & pick up times !!!                                                                                                               8 am - 11 am        &            4pm - 6pm

We do like to know  in advance  when your coming on Sunday just so we can let the staff know who's coming and going.  If you need us earlier or later other than our regular times PLEASE call, we are happy to help !

Boarding & Daycare

Holidays Refer to Sunday Hours

Call Us !


Fax: 866-429-2848

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